Air Safari

Air Safari is a recreational and Competitive Adventure sport, of employing paramotors to soar through the air.



All seasons except Monsoons.




  • Safety
  • Overview
  • Levels
  • Do not go for it in bad weather conditions.
  • If you are under influence of drugs and Alcohol you should be banned from doing it.
  • Always dress in comfortable and casual cloths.
  • Differently abled people, pregnant mothers and medically unfair people are not allowed.
  • Always keep a Government ID with you.
  • Be calm and still, while you are in air safari.
  • Wear comfortable sports shoes.

Air Safari is a moderate risk adventure. It comes under the one of the extreme adventure sports in India.

  • Some Air Safari includes a motorable jet engines, supported by sheets, plastic, metal etc. to make it fly.
  • Some are based upon the air only, with one sheet covering/ blocking the air.

It is one of the extreme adventure sports in India. Proper precaution provided by the instructor and safety guidelines for Air Safari should be followed.

It comes under moderate risks adventure sport. If precautions are not taken severe life threatening injuries during extreme aventure could take place. Always fasten your belt and give attention to what guides or instructor would explain.

In India at following places you could enjoy Air Safari.

  • Lonavala - Maharashtra
  • West Coast - Karnataka
  • Damdama Lake - Haryana
  • Jaipur - Rajasthan
  • Agra - Uttar Pradesh
  • Goa
  • Pushkar - Rajasthan
  • Manali - Himachal Pradesh
  • Bhopal - Madhya Pradesh
  • Darjeeling

Air Safari Packages

Paddler Zone - Shivpuri


Paddler Zone - Shivpuri

Rishikesh, Shivpuri

2 DAY(s)

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