Flying Fox

Flying Fox is an extreme adventure Sport, where you fly in the air at the speed of 140 KM, with the support of a Zip line.



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  • Always wear safety Gears and Helmet.
  • Do not carry any Loose Items with you.
  • Wear shades and glasses, to look outside better.
  • Do Not Panic as the things are organised well and you would land safely.
  • At times you would feel flying in the air.
  • Do not try to disbalance, or make any movement during this adventorus sport.
  • Always follow the safety Instructions being provided.

Flying Fox is an extreme adventure sport, where you fly in the air at a speed of 140 Km (approx). It is basically a zip line activity, where a strong wire is being attached at two places and to fly with the wire support, being rounded by strong plastic and cloth. In India Asia’s Longest Flying Fox is also present at Rishikesh. If you are not afraid of speed and height, you should do this adventorus sport.

It is considered as moderate risk adventorous sports. You fly in the air with a specially designed path, yes there would be fear but an actaul extreme real adventure.

In India You could do Flying Fox at following places:

  • Rishikesh - Uttrakhand
  • Neemrana - Rajasthan

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