Jungle Safari

Jungle Safari is an extreme Adventure Sport, where you go inside a wild life, an actual jungle, by a jeep or elephant.



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  • Always be inside vehicle you are using to reach jungle.
  • Never shout, try to be as silent as you can.
  • Never panic when you see real wild animals.
  • Wild animals could be dangerous if being distracted, do not try to imitate them.
  • Take water and few eatable items during your safari tour.
  • Try not to dispose your waste / material inside the jungle.
  • Always follow the instructions provided by the guide.
  • Never talk on phone, always keep your phone off.
  • Do not use flash light, while clicking photos, it may distract the wild animal.
  • Never play any music inside jungle.
  • Never ever panic if you see wild animal near you, be calm and follow the instructions.

In Jungle Safari you enter into the jungle in any mode of transportation. It could be cycling, mountain bikes, Jeeps or on Elephant. Jungle has Two main zones, one is core area of jungle, where you are not allowed to visit, for Wild Life actual privacy. Rest few zones are divided by the premission of Forest Department. One is tourist zone, which enters into the actual jungle areas, where easily wild life couldbe seen. Based on your Luck you could see a Big cat or just few animals. Jungle Safari is an extreme adventure sports in India, where their is a high risk. As their are many cases where wild animals have attacked tourists. This could be on luck as well, as who knows a wild elephant is waiting for someone to fight with him. It is also the best adventourous sports in India, as you actually see the real wild animal and they are not in cages. And all for real. The Feel is so amazing. A must to do activity.

It is High Risk Adventorous Sports in India. As wild animals could attack you if they are being distracted. If we break any of the Jungle law, we could be attacked by any wild animal. In

India You could go for Jungle Safari in Following places:

  • Ranthambore National Park - Rajasthan
  • Sariska National Park - Rajasthan
  • Corbett National Park - Uttrakhand
  • Bandhavgarh National Park - Madhya Pradesh
  • Sanjay Dubri National Park - Banaras
  • Kanha National Park - Madhya Padesh
  • Panna National Park - Madhya Pradesh
  • Pench National park - Madhya Pradesh
  • Tadoba National Park - Maharashtra
  • Satpura National Park - Madhya Pradesh

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Rajaji Jungle Side Resort


Rajaji Jungle Side Resort

Rishikesh, Raja Ji National Park

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